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Key Fleet Statistics as of 31 December 2013
Average Age 8.22 years
Total Fleet Number 47
Owned or finance leased 26
Operating leases 21

Fleet Composition

Aer Lingus maintain an appropriate fleet composition in order to serve the Group's markets cost-effectively and flexibly.

This involves maintaining a balanced approach to both:

  1. the mix of aircraft type in order to ensure that the appropriate level of capacity is available to match underlying demand; and
  2. the mix of owned and operating leased fleet in order to have the ability to expand or reduce the fleet in response to the evolving demand environment.

Future Orders

We have orders in place for Airbus A350 aircraft for our long haul network but do not expect to take delivery before 2016. As a result, we do not anticipate short term capital expenditure for new aircraft. However, we may seek opportunities to develop Aer Lingus through investment in increased ownership of our existing fleet.


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